The cuisine of Il Pianone Restaurant

Italian cuisine from Tuscan and Bergamo regions

The cuisine of Il Pianone restaurant is renowned for the quality of its dishes based on traditional Italian recipes reinterpreted in a contemporary way and according to season . There are two main influences on our restaurant in Bergamo old town, the cuisine from Tuscany, the land where the owners are from, and the one from Bergamo area where they run the restaurant now. The traditional food from Bergamo territory like polenta, the famous local ravioli called casoncelli , several kind of cheese from the valleys and salami is always on offer to satisfy the taste of our most demanding guests especially tourists who are looking for a local tasting menu in a stilish restaurant.

Gourmet dishes

The cuisine of our restaurant in Castagneta, Bergamo Upper Town, uses only top quality ingredients: spices and herbs, for instance, are exclusively from Tuscany, in order to make every dish an unique tasting experience. Our patrons regularly visit our restaurant on Bergamo hills to taste our Florentine T-bone steak, red salt crusted grilled lamb chops, game dishes, the finest porcini mushrooms, truffles not to mention fish dishes cooked in the plainest way to preserve the fragrance and the freshness. Our chefs are very creative in making their own recipes of pasta, stuffed pasta like ravioli and tortelli, several refined rice based versions of risotto; all dishes are very elaborated but light at the same time. Our confectionery is entirely homemade and offers delicious desserts to finish off a wonderful lunch or a pleasant dinner on the right note in the unique ambience that is Il Pianone restaurant.

Seasonal recipes

Our menu offer dishes that change all over the year according to what market has to offer. The ingredients we use come directly from their producers, this way we can always guarantee the freshest food and the finest firstfruits. To pair our great starters, main courses and desserts , we have a wide selection of wines from our ancient wine cellar located in the medieval part of the building.